The Government has officially embraced the National Strategy on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2023-2030, accompanied by an Action Plan spanning 2023-2026. This comprehensive document was crafted collaboratively, integrating insights from individuals with disabilities and their representative organizations. It intricately weaves in a spectrum of measures to be executed by diverse governmental institutions and ministries. To substantiate this commitment, the Government has designated EUR 46 million towards the Strategy’s fulfillment.

This Strategy stands as a pivotal milestone, encompassing the needs of all segments within the community of persons with disabilities. It delineates a series of measures to be enacted and meticulously monitored. Spearheading this initiative, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy shoulders the responsibility, bolstered by support from the German development agency GIZ. This collaborative effort aligns with the National Coordination Body responsible for implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, complemented by technical guidance from all UN agencies operating within the country, as highlighted in the Government’s official press release.

The comprehensive nature of this Strategy necessitates involvement from a multitude of governmental bodies. Nearly all ministries and institutions, ranging from Information Society and Administration, Finance, Justice, Local Self-Government, Labour and Social Policy, Transport and Communications, Education and Science, Culture, Health, Economy, State Statistical Office, to various agencies like Youth and Sport, Employment, and the Health Insurance Fund, are actively engaged in its implementation. Each entity is tasked with meticulously planning activities and measures aligned with their jurisdiction, as outlined in the Action Plan. This involves securing the essential resources—be it human, material, or technical—to ensure successful execution.

The formulation of this Strategy was a collaborative effort engaging 27 organizations representing persons with disabilities, in conjunction with all UN agencies operating in North Macedonia and the EU Delegation. It was crafted in strict adherence to the principles enshrined in the UN Convention, echoing its core slogan, “Nothing About Us Without Us.”

Furthermore, this Strategy harmoniously complements the European Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Its development was underpinned by robust data and comprehensive analyses of the current landscape concerning the observance and actualization of the rights of persons with disabilities, as highlighted in the official press release.