VMRO-DPMNE will block the amnesty law, which the government released after a shortened procedure, said the president of VMRO-DPMNE for Topic of the Day in Sitel’s diary, emphasizing that if the government puts that law under the European flag, then VMRO -DPMNE will leave the Parliament.

I don’t see what European value it is to amnesty criminals who were convicted of money laundering, of violence, to amnesty people who helped in the most heinous act in the recent history of Macedonia, which is the murder at Lake Smilkovo. If that law happens to come with a European flag, we will go outside the Parliament and I will ask for the support of the Executive and Central Committees to stand behind this decision, Mickoski pointed out.

Regarding Kovacevski’s statement that the government would have intervened with amendments, Mickoski asks how the government could intervene with amendments, when they were making this law.

That law came to the government session and they had to harmonize those things there, why didn’t they harmonize them then? When it comes to these people, it happened that there was no European flag, so they pulled them and put it with a European flag, let’s wait and see, Mickoski said.

We said that we will block it with all the possibilities offered by the Rules of Procedure in the Parliament. Our position and my personal position is clear and if there is abuse of the European flag, I will request a decision from the Executive and Central Committee to leave the parliament, and if it comes in a normal procedure then we will block it, said Mickoski