The president of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski,today in Strumica within the framework of the presidential campaign, responded to Stevo Pendarovski’s call for TV DUEL, for which he said that after losing the elections, Pendarovski will have to gain the trust of the delegates of SDSM for president of the party, and then ask for a duel.

“After I had a duel with Kovacevski, and after the duel poor Kovacevski didn’t know how to find the door from Kanal 5 television where we were, now it occurred to Pendarovski to ask for a debate with me, it might occur to Zecevic Mile and Maricic Bojan as well , maybe to that Jovo Despotovski who is currently the president of SDSM. I don’t have a problem with duels and debates, but in order for Stevo to get the honor of having a duel and a debate, first of all, after losing the elections on May 8, he needs to gain the trust of the delegates from SDSM and become the president of SDSM, and SDSM the largest opposition party, which I doubt will be after these elections on May 8 and here he will lie again, because he once said that if he is not president, then he too will move out of Macedonia. Now he will also lie to him, but we will forgive him because he is the incoming president of the SDSM and he can then sit down and debate with the future Prime Minister of Macedonia and talk about the situation in Macedonia”, stressed Mickoski and added that before to get to that point, Pendarovski should also apologize to the VMRO-DPMNE candidate, Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, for the insults he directed at her, but also stop being a slanderer of Ali Ahmeti and Artan Grubi. Mickoski indicated that he has no intention of dealing with Pendarovski further in the campaign and that the citizens should help him to pack his bags on April 24 and move out on May 8.