President Stevo Pendarovski sent greetings to the Muslim faithful and Reis-ul-Ulema Shaqir Fetai, the head of the Islamic Religious Community, on Wednesday in honor of the significant Muslim holiday Ramadan Bayram.

The celebration signifies the conclusion of the thirty-day fast, which lasts from sunrise to sunset. During this time, Muslims abstain not only from food and liquids but also from negative thoughts and deeds, spending their time in prayer and spirituality. Ramadan is a month of kindness, mercy, love, and forgiveness and one of the tenets of Islam. In keeping with the holiday’s spirit, let us live in peace and harmony, be kind to one another and ourselves, and experience joy and happiness not just over the next three festive days but all year long. Pendarovski said, “Let us all get together to share a vision for the prosperity and development of our common homeland with our loved ones and with our close and distant neighbors.