VMRO-DPMNE presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova leads her main opponent, SDSM candidate Stevo Pendarovski, in the 3rd and 4th district by a wide margin. This is show in the latest IPIS poll, prepared for the MRTV state television.

In the eastern 3rd district Siljanovska leads Pendarovski with 37.1 percent against 21.8 percent. The lower ranked candidates that follow include Maksim Dimitrievski (6.7%), Biljana Vankovska (5%) and Stevco Jakimvoski (1.2%). The Albanian candidates Arben Taravari and Bujar Osmani are both below 1% in this district.

In the 4th district, Siljanovska has the trust of 36.3 percent of the voters, while Pendarovski can count on 23.8 percent. Dimitrievski is next with 5.6 percent, Vankovska is ranked fourth with 3.9% and Jakimovski has 1.1 percent.