VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski coined a new term for the DUI – SDSM Government. During the rally in Kriva Palanka yesterday, he modified the recent designation of Macedonia as a “cyclical hybrid regime” in terms of its democracy and labeled it an “Artanoid cyclical regime”. According to Mickoski, SDSM is allowing the DUI party and its powerful official Artan Grubi to run the country as they see fit.

The people have lost control over their own country. A hundred people from DUI control all of Macedonia. They created a cyclical Artanoid regime that is serviced by their subcontractors in SDSM. SDSM and Kovacevski serve DUI to prolong their fall from power a day longer, and allow DUI to steal a few millions more before they go, Mickoski said, accusing SDSM Secretary General Mile Zecevic of being behind this decision to subordinate the party to DUI.

According to Mickoski, SDSM was hoping that they will be able to get to 61 votes in Parliament with DUI and all the other Albanian parties put together, and were prepared to give away 70 percent of all Government positions to the Albanian parties.

Kovacevski gave Ahmeti a blank piece of paper and asked him to name his price. SDSM will accept it. DUI wants 70 percent for themselves, 70 percent of all Government departments, public utility companies and state institutions, and only 30 percent for SDSM and Kovacevski. And SDSM will accept this. You saw the simulation of the next Parliament conducted by DUI yesterday. Poor SDSM, it was nowhere to be seen. But a Government is made with popular support, and I tell them, this plot will not succeed, Mickoski said, referring to the bizarre mock session of Parliament staged by DUI yesterday.