The figures from public opinion polls, i.e., polls, clearly show that VMRO-DPMNE is the favorite for the next parliamentary elections, said President Hristijan Mickoski in a guest appearance on the morning program “Hello Macedonia” on Channel 5 television
– The figures of the polls are as they are, the public knows them, VMRO-DPMNE is a big favorite for the next parliamentary elections, which will take place in a little less than or I would say a little more than 2 months, somewhere around 44-45 days until the beginning on the campaign for the first round of presidential elections, Mickoski said.

During his visit, President Mickoski emphasized that the toughest challenges lie ahead, as citizens are disheartened and there is a consensus that the state is lacking, making life difficult. The need to restore hope was also underscored.

But that’s just the easy part I would say in this whole political situation because the hard part comes after because from what we can see in those polls, the citizens are quite disappointed, they all agree on one thing, that we don’t have a state anymore, everyone they agree that they have the feeling that they are like second-class citizens, that they live poorly, Mickoski said