The new government will promote unity by harnessing creative and progressive potential; the people need to unite under the same flag and work towards a common future, stated VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski on Friday in Struga’s Kalishta village during a party gathering to mark Ss. Cyril and Methodius Day.

“This is a new chapter where the state is returning to the people. Macedonia must achieve results and gather strength for great victories,” Mickoski declared.

“The new chapter is founded on responsibility, morality, and values that we must adhere to. Forming the government is the easy part; the real challenge lies in delivering results.

“Many of you envision yourselves in various positions, but for me, this has never been about personal gain. It is a duty and a significant responsibility to those who entrust us with power, the people.

“Be aware that any failure on your part will disappoint the people whose hands we have shaken throughout our years of struggle to end this current rule,” Mickoski emphasized.

He urged future officials to work tirelessly from their first day in office to solve as many problems as possible and to embody the change the people urgently need to see.

Addressing the controversy surrounding President Gordana Siljanovska Davkova’s oath, which stirred reactions across Greece and Europe, he pointed out that, in contrast, no one has been stirred by the country’s prolonged and unprincipled wait in the EU’s waiting room for over two and a half decades, despite having paid high admission fees.

“I am also aware of the objective weaknesses in our institutional potential, the presence of corruption, and the outgoing government’s acute incapacity to produce results. However, Macedonia is paying a high price due to our neighbors’ blockades, despite our shared European dream. This prolonged waiting erodes our dignity, self-esteem, and collective self-determination,” Mickoski said.

His goal, he asserted, is to overcome divisions and promote absolute and non-selective responsibility.

“The people know we live under the same sky,” Mickoski said. “Behind me is Lake Ohrid, whose shores have united people of various ethnic and religious backgrounds for thousands of years. There is no left or right, no government or opposition, no bad or good nation—only Macedonia, with decent people who deserve happiness.”

He concluded by stating that the nation will preserve its history “only if we continue the work of St. Cyril and Methodius, and only if we create our opportunities and strive for unbreakable unity.”