It is not time to fulfill personal ambitions but to implement a new work concept in SDSM, one based on ‘us’ and not ‘me,'” stated Jovan Despotovski, SDSM member and head of the Free Zones Authority, in response to a question about running for party president following Dimitar Kovachevski’s resignation.

After SDSM’s parliamentary election defeat, Despotovski emphasized the need for the party to radically shift from its previous political approach and leadership.

“The message from our members and citizens was clear. That’s why I urge my party comrades in the current leadership to take responsibility and resolve this issue without further delay, prioritizing SDSM over personal desires and ambitions,” Despotovski said. “Otherwise, how will we show citizens that we have heard and understood their message if we continue to offer what they have clearly rejected? Now, we must think about tomorrow. SDSM needs a new concept, a solution to be reborn.”

Despotovski recalled proposing a different vision for SDSM when he ran for the leadership position three years ago.

“When I offered a different concept and ran for president, I clearly stated my disagreement with the course SDSM was on. Now, motivated once again, along with a dedicated team of comrades and newcomers to politics, we are working on a concept based on ‘us’ and not ‘me,'” he said.

This new concept aims to ensure everyone is heard and welcomes anyone genuinely committed to restoring the party’s integrity, Despotovski concluded, announcing his candidacy for SDSM president.