Vesna Janevska, head of the Education Commission of VMRO-DPMNE, accused former Education Minister Mila Carovska of causing a collapse of Macedonian education. During a debate organized by the party, Janevska accused Carovska of launching an initiative to abolish history as a stand-alone class “because it is problematic in the dispute with Bulgaria”.

While trying to abolish the history class, she made a disastrous mistake because she tried to lump together classes even though we have no teachers qualified to teach this new expanded class. We can’t plan reforms if we don’t have the people who will implement them, Janevska said.

Carovska wanted to create a new huge class that would include history, geography and segments from other classes.
Janevska also called Carovska out over her attempt to replace paper textbooks with e-books, which led to long delays in the printing of textbooks without electronic replacaments being made available. “They abolished the books because they knew they can’t print new ones according to their desires. They spent the money left and right and eventually we were left without money to print textbooks”.