Mladen Cadikovski was re-elected president of the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) today at the regular annual election meeting.

After the votes were counted, he received the required majority and won by a convincing margin over the opponents Marjan Nikolovski and Filijana Koka.

275 AJM members voted for Cadikovski, Nikolovski got 119 votes, and Koka got 53 votes from AJM members. 465 members of AJM attended today’s meeting.

Cadikovski said that above all he is happy and satisfied that the journalists united today.

Today we held a gathering, let’s say, the biggest in the history of Macedonian journalism, where more than 450 journalists, cameramen, media workers, came democratically in a fair way to express their opinion on where journalism should go next. And I am especially happy and satisfied that all together and those who participated in this meeting, meaning the competitors, and the Board of Directors, all that will mean part of the bodies of AJM in the future will continue to work on the principles of professionalism, justice, ethics in journalism, with the intention of strengthening and increasing the potential of Macedonian journalists, cameramen, and all media workers, said the re-elected president of AJM.