Bulgaria and Bujar Osmani are negotiating. Osmani suggests, Bulgaria refuses, but the Macedonian public has no insight into what the foreign minister is trading with.

The last expert meeting of the teams of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was held on February 11 this year, where they discussed the latest proposals of Macedonia, officially sent on December 2021 in response to the proposals of the Bulgarian side. At the meeting in February, the Bulgarian side informed the representatives of Macedonia that their proposals are not acceptable and that the talks should continue, said the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry.

Negotiations with Bulgaria have long been held behind the backs of the public. There is no information about the work of the historical commission, about what is being negotiated, what has been agreed and what concessions the Macedonian side is making, neither for the public, nor for the MPs. This constellation of things only confirms the suspicions that the Government led by DUI and SDSM are preparing a new betrayal of the Macedonian people and state. This time behind closed doors, said the Levica party.

This was confirmed by Minister Bujar Osmani, who publicly stated that he has prepared a document that Macedonia is ready to accept, but that a response from the Bulgarian side is awaited. If we take into account the fact that several members of the Historical Commission have already resigned, the Government is probably preparing the last act of its de-Macedonianization process. A new national betrayal must not, cannot and will not pass, the party said in a press release.

VMRO-DPMNE has a similar position, expressing doubts about the negotiation process with the eastern neighbor.

Bujar Osmani said yesterday that there is a document between Bulgaria and Macedonia which is the basis for an agreement between the two countries which the Macedonian side accepts and here on behalf of the citizens of the country and the interest of all, we call to disclose that secret document and to say publicly what it contains, said the spokesman of VMRO-DPMNE, Dimce Arsovski.

The unavailability of this document, according to both parties, indicates that the Government of SDSM and DUI is ready to push it as quietly as possible and as soon as possible, to avoid public outrage and pressure.