SDS and DUI are not only silent about the famous escapes from prison but also hide that there is a new escape from Idrizovo. After that bloody scenario two weeks ago and allegedly taking measures, a new fugitive from Idrizovo. A complete debacle, said VMRO-DPMNE.

This is no longer a system of punishment and resocialization, this is a complete mafia system. SDS and DUI must bear responsibility for this situation. The Justice Minister must take responsibility for the epidemic of prison escapes. Obviously, this is a well-organized mafia system, which could not function without the support of the government.

It is an organized gang. We are waiting for a response from the Government. There is no more room for hiding and silence, emphasizes Naum Stoilkovski, VMRO-DPMNE’s spokesperson.

Is the SDS party paramilitary employed in the prisons behind the escape? Is the fugitive with the initials R.K., an ethnic Albanian, who has a photo album this time for closeness with DUI? Is it an organized group close to DUI?
Prisons have become resorts, the whole system has turned grotesque, SDS and DUI have turned law into banality.

Anyone related to them comes out whenever they want. Prisons are apparently only for SDS and DUI dissidents.