This is the pre-election congress of the largest political family in Europe, the European People’s Party, of which VMRO-DPMNE is a proud and full member.

“I am proud that VMRO-DPMNE is part of the most influential political force in Europe, which has produced the largest number of presidents and prime ministers in the European Union and Europe. The entire leadership of the European Union is also from the European People’s Party. A notable example is Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, who was elected as the leader of the European People’s Party list. If the European People’s Party wins the June European elections, she will once again be the President of the European Commission. This holds immense significance for us as a political party and for Macedonia,” stated VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski in an interview with Alfa television.

Vice President Nikoloski continued, expressing confidence that Macedonia will have a friendly president of the European Commission.

Vice President Nikoloski emphasized that VMRO-DPMNE is a respected partner actively engaged in discussions.

“VMRO-DPMNE holds a valued position at the main table and actively participates in discussions, in contrast to SDSM, which is seen at the door, being denied entry to Socialist congresses,” Nikoloski stated.

He went on to highlight an incident where the president of SDSM was not permitted entry to a Socialist reception, marking it as a scandal reported in the prestigious Politico newspaper.

Vice President Nikoloski stressed that VMRO-DPMNE will have meetings in Vienna, including discussions with the Minister for Europe and Constitutional Affairs, Estadler, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alexander Schallenberg, and the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Austria. He emphasized the importance of maintaining Austrian investments in Macedonia and scheduled meetings with the Macedonian diaspora and a potential investor interested in contributing to Macedonia during the first 100 days of a new VMRO-DPMNE government.