President Stevo Pendarovski emphasizes the need for constructive bilateral relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria while addressing open issues. Responding to the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ press release, Pendarovski’s office underscores the importance of constructiveness in resolving issues, highlighting the shared aspiration of both countries to enhance cooperation within the European Union.

In relation to comments about the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria, the President’s office asserts it as a recognized fact, supported by decisions from the Strasbourg court. Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, without specifying the comments, expresses objection to attempts linking Bulgaria to North Macedonia’s internal political debates, emphasizing a consistent and constructive tone.

The release follows the VMRO party’s call for the Ambassador’s summoning over President Pendarovski’s alleged “hate speech towards the Bulgarian state.” Notably, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination urged Bulgaria on Human Rights Day to guarantee the human rights of the Macedonian ethnic community, emphasizing the effective enjoyment of rights, including freedom of expression and association.