I anticipate the largest victory by constituency for VMRO-DPMNE, securing the highest number of votes and the most deputies. I firmly believe that the fourth constituency will achieve this, aiming to relegate SDS and DUI to history once and for all,” said Aleksandar Nikoloski, vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE, during tonight’s show “For or Against.”

Nikoloski emphasized that his renewed candidacy in the fourth electoral unit is driven by the urgent need to eradicate crime and corruption and to enact positive changes for citizens, particularly in agriculture and the economy.

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As I said, I am the second time holder in the 4th, it is not by chance, first of all, the fourth electoral unit is the largest electoral unit in Macedonia when you see geographically, it starts at Strumicko Novo Selo on the border with Bulgaria and ends in Bitola. So that entire southern and southeastern part of Macedonia is part of the fourth electoral unit. There are 19 municipalities in total, which is also a large number just to visit, to talk to people, in 2020 I decided to compete there, I don’t hide it, neither am I from Strumica, nor am I from Prilep, the reason why I went to compete precisely in the 4th electoral district because I thought we should strike directly at the head of crime, then the incumbent was Zoran Zaev and we achieved an excellent result, Nikoloski pointed out and added:

The reason why I accepted the proposal of the president of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, to once again represent the fourth constituency, for which I am very grateful, is to accomplish the task of combating crime, initially through the elections and then through legal means. Additionally, the fourth constituency, being a patriotic party, holds significant importance as it is the most Macedonian constituency, with the largest Macedonian population residing there. It is my aspiration to enact positive changes, with full respect for all other ethnic groups living in Macedonia. Notably, there are also many Turks and Roma residing in the fourth constituency, who I aim to serve with equal dedication once we secure victory in the elections. These are some of the motives driving my candidacy, alongside numerous others, particularly in the realms of agriculture and the economy, given the substantial industrial presence in the fourth constituency. I’ve already commenced my campaign efforts even before the official campaign period, engaging with citizens daily. Following this conversation, I am heading to Kavadarci and Negotino, having already visited Strumica, Vasilevo, Bosilovo, Novo Selo, Mogila, Novaci, and Prilep, covering approximately half of the constituency.”

Nikoloski emphasized that the citizens of Macedonia are eager for change and are hopeful for VMRO-DPMNE’s victory, anticipating a significant shift from the current government.
With the exception of the most hard-line members of the SDS, everyone else in electoral unit 4 believes that the government should change and the government will change. We will achieve that expectation of the citizens, there are many reasons, primarily in the area of crime and corruption that have flourished in Macedonia, as well as bad economic conditions and emigration,” he said.