Parties must submit electoral lists to the State Election Commission by April 2, intensifying pressure on them to finalize their combinations before submitting the lists. According to SDSM sources, the latest arrangement for the SDSM electoral lists involves former Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski, leading the Second Electoral Unit, with the vice-president and director of the Public Revenue Administration, Sanja Lukarevska, positioned first in the “troika,” as reported by “Sloboden Pechat”

As reported by “Sloboden Pechat,” initial stock parliamentary lists, where Spasovski was slated to lead the Third Constituency, sparked dissatisfaction. The latest arrangement involves a rotation of the leading positions in the “two” and the “three” constituencies. There were remarks suggesting that Spasovski naturally belongs to the Second electoral unit (the Kumanovo one) and should lead it. Under this combination, Lukarevska would be the first in the “troika.” In this arrangement, candidates will be grouped together, meaning Vice Prime Minister Fatmir Bitiqi would follow Spasovski in the Second Electoral Unit, while in the “troika,” Minister of Agriculture Ljupco Nikolovski would follow Lukarevska.

Concerns were also raised regarding Minister of Defense Slavjanka Petrovska, who was initially designated to lead the Sixth Electoral Unit, with the youth president, Marko Mihailovski, from Tetovo, as the candidate. There’s a possibility that Mihailovski will lead the “six,” while Petrovska might not be the leader at all but placed third in the “couple.”

So far, it has been officially confirmed that SDSM leader, Dimitar Kovacevski, will lead the “unit,” immediately followed by LDP president, Monika Zajkova. In the Fourth Constituency, former Minister of Health Venko Filipce will lead for SDSM, followed by Jovana Trenchevska. After President of the Assembly, Jovan Mitreski, who will lead the Fifth Constituency, Vice President and Minister of Culture Bisera Kostadinova Stojchevska will serve as co-leader.