According to the director of the State Transport Inspectorate Rufat Huseini, the lack of a license for international passenger transport for the bus of the travel agency “Besa Trans”, which caught fire yesterday and claimed 45 lives, is not the cause of the accident.

In an interview with the “Morning briefing” show distanced himself from any responsibility and omission of the State Inspectorate, pointing out that in order to improve the quality of passenger transport it is necessary to buy newer vehicles, which will be technically correct, and the Ministry of Interior to take care of that, and technical inspection stations not to register defective vehicles.

He also added that if the bus really did not have a license, it shouldn’t have been allowed to leave the country at the Deve Bair border crossing. The Ministry of Interior, the technical inspection stations, the Customs Administration are to blame, but not the State Inspectorate, which did not have enough inspectors. Everyone shifts the blame onto others, throwing the ball and in the end no one will be held accountable.

However, I think that this omission did not affect the accident. The competent authorities in Bulgaria cite the road conditions, the correctness of the vehicle and the human factor as the causes of the accident. No one mentioned the license statement. It should still be there, we will check why it is not there, but that is not the deciding factor in this accident, Huseini said.