Macedonia observes Tuesday 15 years from the death of President Boris Trajkovski, who was killed in a plane crash in Rotimlja near Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Family members, delegations and citizens will lay flowers at Trajkovski’s grave in Skopje.

Joining the observance will be a government delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Kocho Angjushev, and Minister for Foreign Investments Zorica Apostolska, as well as National NATO Coordinator Stevo Pendarovski.

A delegation of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia composed of Minister of Local Self-Government Suhejl Fazliu and Deputy Minister of Culture Vladimir Lazovski, among others, traveled to Rotimlja, Bosnia-Herzegovina at the observance of the 15th anniversary from President Trajkovski’s death.

President Trajkovski died in a plane crash on 26 February 2004, when the US-made Beechcraft King Air 200 tried to land at the airport of Mostar, in southern Bosnia, in bad weather.

President Trajkovski, six of his closest advisors Dimka Ilkova-Boskovic, Risto Blazevski and Anita Krisan-Lozanovska from his Cabinet, Mile Krstevski from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, bodyguards Boris Velinov and Ace Bozinovski, as well as two pilots Marko Markovski and Branko Ivanovski died instantly.

Two investigations were conducted and two reports were published regarding the crash and declared that fatal plane crash was not the result of an assassination but an accident.

The reports into the crash, conducted by Salko Begic and Omer Kulic and Macedonian experts blamed the crash on pilot errors, technical problems and procedural mistakes.