The Ministry of Justice announced that through the letter from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Belikesir-Turkey, it was informed that the suspect of the double murder, Ljupco Pelevski, was sentenced to temporary imprisonment for 40 days in “Belikesir Closed Penitentiary” in Turkey.

The Ministry of Justice says that this is done in accordance with Law 6706, Article 14, in order to ensure the extradition of the person to the specified country (RSM), in accordance with Article 16 of the European Convention on the Extradition of Criminals.

The procedure for the extradition of Palevski from Turkey may take several months, the Ministry of Justice informed recently.

The investigation into the murder of Vanja and Panche began at the beginning of this month and in it, in addition to Palevski, who is suspected of the crimes of “kidnapping” and “murder in a brutal manner”, Velibor Manev, Vlatko Keshishov and Bore Videvski are charged with complicity. who are in custody in Skopje.

Also in custody are Vanja’s father, Aleksandar Gjorchevsky, who is suspected of helping in the abduction by sharing information with the other suspects about his daughter’s movements, as the authorities said at the time, and Stefan Dimkovski, the driver who drove him from Serbia to Turkey, the first suspect Palevski.

Palevski fled to Serbia, from there via Bulgaria, he went to Turkey, where the police arrested him in the town of Balikesir.