The Parliament adopted the changes to the law on abortion, which make it easier to terminate the baby at a later date in the pregnancy.

According to the changes, expectant mothers will be able to terminate the pregnancy with a medically induced abortion until the ninth week. Generally abortions can be conducted until the 12-th week, but it can be performed at a later date, until the 22-nd week if the woman submits a request claiming the pregnancy is endangering her life, her health, if the child could be born with physical or mental impairments, if the baby is a result of rape, sexual assault or incest, or if the woman faces a difficult personal, family or financial situation.

A commission made up of two doctors and a welfare workers will decide whether to approve abortions between the 12 and 22 week, and if the pregnant woman is not satisfied with the decision, she can file a complaint to a broader commission.

The law also does away with administrative measures put in place to give the woman a chance to reconsider the decision, such as the three day waiting period after the initial counseling.