The Alliance of Albanians and Alternative parties called out the Interior Ministry for the shortage of blank passports and other blank documents, which has badly hurt the ability of many citizens to travel.

The two Albanian opposition parties remind the Ministry that many Albanian diaspora members come to Macedonia for the summer, and often use this period to renew their expiring documents. No explanation has been given for the shortage of such basic documents, other than incompetence on the part of the Government. The Government said that it will simply declare the expiring passports as valid for a longer period of time, but it’s unclear whether other countries will accept this option.

For three months the Ministry has been without blank license plates. Now it is running out of driver licenses and the Government has a lack of school reports. Meanwhile, as we face a shortage of passports, it is being revealed that the Government was issuing passports to all sorts of mafia bosses in a matter of days, the coalition said in a press release.

It is estimated that the Zaev regime issued over 200 passports to various criminals, including top drug lords, ISIS commanders, hitmen and bank robbers. New names from the list are being revealed almost daily.