As he was being removed as Healthcare Ministry, Fatmir Mexhiti from the Alliance of Albanians party launched a scathing attack not on DUI, the party who insisted that he must go, but on SDSM – the “larger” coalition partner who has enabled DUI’s power-grab over the past seven years.

It must be humiliating to remain as silent observers to all that their coalition partner DUI is doing, Mexhiti told the SDSM members of Parliament. “You are silent accomplices and that is the worst form of collaboration”.

Mexhiti is being removed after the leader of the Alliance of Albanians, Arben Taravari, sided with the other Albanian opposition parties and challenged DUI. DUI is now moving quickly to fire all public sector officials who support Taravari and is trying to split his party in two.

We saw that it is DUI and its ministers who run many of the processes and so much depends on them. They decided to politicize and obstruct my work, and to undermine the needs of the citizens, the patients and the helathcare workers. I believe that politics should be a means to accomplish a goal in the interest of all, but for DUI, it is a goal to accumulate personal power, Mexhiti added.