The DUI – SDSM coalition narrowly approved the removal of two disobedient ministers from the Alliance of Albanians, further complicating the work of the interim Government whose only task is to organize the elections.

Healthcare Minister Fatmir Mexhiti and Public Administration Minister Azir Aliu were removed with 62 votes in favor, after they supporter their party leader Arben Taravari in his decision to join the bloc of opposition Albanian parties who will challenge DUI in the coming elections. DUI, which courted Taravari to join the coalition just a year ago, is now moving full force to split his party.

When we joined the Government we said that we will act as opposition within the Government, and we are proud of that, said Aliu, who accused the powerful Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi of orchestrating his removal.

The pro-DUI wing of the Alliance of Albanians is now proposing new candidates to fill in these positions.

Taravari and his rival, former AA leader Ziadin Sela, are holding competing meetings of the party assembly. Taravari’s supporters held their assembly and affirmed his decision to join the opposition parties BESA, Movement for Change and Alternative, in a grouping supported by Kosovan Prime Minister Albin Kurti, that copies his anti-corruption message. Sela is due to gather his supporters today, and is expected to announce that the Alliance will compete independently in the elections – in line with DUI’s wishes to avoid adding the once significant AA voting bloc to the united opposition.