We paved the way to NATO a long time ago, back in 1993, and after almost three decades we passed the goal. From today’s perspective, it is quite clear – we became a member of the Alliance at the right time. It confirms the correctness of our sensible, courageous, and pragmatic decisions. With NATO membership, the stability of the country cannot be shaken, and security is jointly guaranteed by Macedonia and its 29 allies, said today the Minister of Defense Slavjanka Petrovska in her address at the event marking “NATO Day – April 4”.

“We are NATO, and NATO Day is our day, we are on the right side of history, Petrovska said. “We firmly believe in the principle of the Alliance: one for all – all for one.”

We did not allow the frustration of the NATO waiting room to sway us. We have always demonstrated capacity and historical wisdom, but we have not lost the ambition to be even better even when we have crossed the NATO threshold. Today we are again faced with challenges, with a ruthless war. This crisis shows how unpredictable the world we live in is and how important it is to have allies, she said.