Prison rules that prevent prisoners who have active court cases from using leave of absence are discriminatory, says lawyer Viktor Cvetkovski in an interview with Republika. The rule is used against former Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska – one of the main targets of politically motivated persecution by the Zaev – Kovacevski regime. Jankuloska has been in prison since mid 2020, shortly after she gave birth to her son.

– These rules are prepared by the Justice Minister, under recommendation from the prison service and the current one was approved by minister Manevski. There was talk about changing it in 2017, but it is still in force. It’s anti-constitutional and discriminatory, Cvetkovski said.
Another issue with the rules is that women do not have the option to choose where they will serve their sentences and must remain in the Idrizovo prison near Skopje, one of the worst institutions in the country.