State prosecutors have expanded the investigation into the disappearance of Samoil Kostadinovski (26), who went missing in early March in Skopje. He is a nephew of controversial former Interior Minister Ljube Boskoski, who faced war crimes charges for the 2001 war and is currently part of the SDSM led coalition through his small nationalist party.

No word has been heard from Samoil for months and it is widely believed that he has been kidnapped by a mafia group that he has somehow wronged. Last week Samoil’s father, who is the brother of Boskoski’s wife Violeta, was shot at, but the family or the prosecutors have not released more details about this attack and how it is linked with the disappearance.

Today prosecutors informed that they have initiated a case against one person, who they believe was linked with the disappearance, which the prosecutors are now formally considering a kidnapping.