The Public Prosecutor’s Office should react, open an investigation and request the suspension of the work of the Consortium IRD – EPTISA – Electra Solution – Euro Consulting. In the following, we will list some of the facts that indicate a corrupt scheme by Grubi and Kovacevski with the supervision of the construction of Corridors 8 and 10d, Bojan Stojanoski from VMRO-DPMNE said.

1. First, the government issues a call for a tender for the supervision of the construction of Corridors 8 and 10d, the tender is won by a Consortium led by IGH, which includes the Institute for Roads – Veles, owned by Sotir Ampov, the contract is terminated, because the Consortium cannot provide a bank guarantee, due to the fact that all their money, which is Russian, is frozen.

2. The government issues a new call for tender.

3. In the midst of the procedure for submitting bids, Andon Ampov’s Elektra Solution company, the son of Sotir Ampov, gets a supervision license, transferring employees from his father’s company, with which a Russian connection was established in the first tender.

4. The deadline for submission of offers is extended by 8 days. Everything fits perfectly for Electra Solution to be able to submit documents.

5. In addition to the extension of the deadline for submitting bids, the requirement that the companies that will submit bids have positive financial balances is also changed, and it is possible for loss-making companies such as EPTISA to submit, which enters into the Consortium with Electra Solution, Euro Consulting and IRD. This Consortium wins the tender.

6. Sixth reason, the change of conditions in the procedure indicate that they were made for IRD – EPTISA – Euro Consulting – Electra Solution.

7. EPTISA is owned by a Chinese company. The capital is entirely Chinese. EPTISA’s management is Chinese.

8. EPTISA, and through it the Chinese will have an insight into Bechtel’s work and their technology.

9. EPTISA is the company in whose Consortium together with Savage in Armenia, Branimir Dimitrijevic, owner of Euro Consulting, the third company in the Consortium, was hired. Branimir Dimitrijevic is being prosecuted in Armenia for a crime of 1.8 million dollars. An indictment has been brought against him, and he escaped from Armenia with the help of diplomats at a time when the government was run by SDS.

Dimitrijevic’s company in Macedonia will conduct the supervision, he is being prosecuted with an international warrant for the crime of the same job in Armenia. He committed the crime as the person responsible for the project of the Consortium Savage – EPTISA. Armenian scheme Dimitrijevic – EPTISA, one of which is prosecuted for crime, and the company is connected with Chinese capital, and the Russian connection of the Ampov family, who are present in both contracts, once through the Institute of Roads in Veles, once through Elektra Solution, take the tender from 22 million euros. If these are not enough clues to open an investigation, then let Abazi wait, but then he will have to answer why he was silent and whether and whom he was protecting, said Stojanoski.