Prosecutors detailed their activities undertaken so far in the shocking torture investigation against Kurto Dudus, the Mayor of Shuto Orizari.

The leading SDSM party Roma official was recorded beating up an employee of the municipal service who was allegedly badmouthing him. At times, during the audio recording, Dudus threatens to bring a baseball bat and break the man’s ribs, and tells him he’ll get him framed in front of the police.

State prosecutors informed that they have ordered a forensics investigation of the mobile phones of Dudus and the attacked man, and will look into the assault report. Lider, the news site which first reported the case, claims that police officers downplayed the report which the victim, Senad Jasar, filed with the police.

But, in a typical move from the recent leaked drug tape involving SDSM member of Parliament Pavle Bogoevski, the prosecutors also said that they will be investigating the unlawful recording of the attack, meaning that it’s possible charges are filed against the victim or whoever it was who secretly recorded the assault.