In an interview with the Macedonian Information Agency, Marin Mrcela, the head of the GRECO anti-corruption group in the Council of Europe repeated the serious criticism the organization raised over Macedonia. Mrcela warns that there is no way of telling where the ruling party ends and where the police begins.

You need to implement the mechanisms for prevention of Government corruption in practice and to avoid overbearing politization of the application of the law. These are our main messages, said Mrcela, adding that “GRECO is especially concerned over the lack of transparency in the working of he Government and wants to see more transparency among the Government officials, advisers and the discretionary hires by the Prime Minister.

Another serious area of concern for GRECO is the political influence over the police.

There needs to be clear distinction between the political parties and the Interior Ministry. The police needs to have operational independence, with measures put in place to ensure that each police officer acts in accordance with the rules for integrity, non-bias and political neutrality. These measures are necessary so that employment in the police is conducted based on objective criteria, Mrcela told MIA.