Ziadin Sela, leader of the opposition Alliance of Albanians, denounced the talks between the ruling SDSM and the opposition VMRO-DPMNE parties about the fate of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, and reminded the public that this office has steadfastly refused to charge any politicians from the perennially ruling Albanian DUI party. DUI officials have avoided criminal responsibility from war crimes perpetrated in the 2001 Albanian insurgency, down to cases of major corruption which were alleged about them.

The involvement of DUI in this process, after their officials were part of the wiretapped “bomb” conversations, and despite the fact that they are main protagonists in the degeneration of our legal system and its full partisation and politisation is a precedent, Sela’s party declares through a press release.

The Alliance of Albanians calls on Zaev to allow that a broad political consensus is formed over the issue of the SPO. “We need a non-partisan group of experts to prepare a draft law for a truly independent SPO which will deal with the criminal prosecution of officials charged with crime and corruption”.