As the mid-summer EU decision date draws near, opposition presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska believe that Macedonia doesn’t meet the criteria to open the European Union accession talks.

Spring is around the corner. We heard the recent statement from French Minister Loiseau. She told us that a deal is a deal, and we signed the Prespa deal. But, EU is led by the Copenhagen criteria, the rule of law, a prosperous economy, tackling crime and corruption, a competent public administration system… And Macedonia doesn’t have those. The Prime Minister and his ministers are not magicians to accomplish it in the time we have left. What were all 26 ministers doing by now, were they all preoccupied with the Prespa treaty?, Siljanovska said during her visit to Krusevo, where she walked to the Makedonium monument to the 1903 Illinden Uprising.

Siljanovska added that the monument is dedicated to the struggle for Macedonia, not “North Macedonia” and is not called the “North Makedonium”.