VMRO-DPMNE presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska strongly criticized the order issued by the Zoran Zaev Government, that dozens of public institutions must change their names. Institutions named “Macedonian”, such as the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, are being renamed into “National” with this order.

Zaevism is based on three words: I say, I forget, I deny I said anything! Supporters of the Prespa treaty were telling us that it is enhancing the Macedonian national and ethnic identity, and is casting it in concrete. These past few weeks they feigned amnesty and now they are denying they ever said that we would be allowed to freely use the adjective Macedonian, Siljanovska said in her response after yesterday’s executive order.

According to the law professor, who is an outspoken critic of the Prespa treaty, the latest move proves that the manner of implementation of the name change was determined elsewhere and that nothing depends on the Macedonian side. The order comes shortly after the Foreign Ministry promised that under the Prespa treaty Macedonia has kept the right to use the adjective Macedonian.

What was supposed to be an exception, such as using the NMK code instead of MK on car licenses, is now becoming the rule. All the public institutions received an N in their names. Next up are trademarks. NGO organizations are already voluntarily giving up the adjective Macedonian in order to receive more European money. This won’t take root, and first chance we get, the next Government will, at the stroke of a pen, restore what generations before us have built and invested in, Siljanovska promised.