Six months after the fire in the modular covid hospital in Tetovo when 14 people lost their lives, the Prosecution informs that an analysis phase of all collected evidence is underway. According to their information, it is still necessary to work on fully establishing the facts in the case in order to make a decision on possible criminal responsibility.

The pre-investigation procedure has been ongoing so that we can determine all the facts and circumstances,” prosecutors said.

According to the PPO, forensic experts from the Ministry of Interior wrote a report on the causes of the fire, which was immediately released to the public. Other experts — from the Faculty of Technology and an electrical engineer — also looked into the causes of the fire.

In October 2021, the PPO said the Ministry of Interior experts concluded that the Tetovo modular covid hospital fire had been caused by an overheated extension cord.

They determined that a defibrillator, a phone charger, and another device were all plugged into the extension cord at the time.

Experts from the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany were also asked to help with the investigation. Their report came in January 2022 and “didn’t differ much from the Ministry of Interior experts’ findings,” prosecutors said.

“Nonetheless, every report is being examined in correlation with all other collected evidence, including verbal testimonies by the witnesses and other persons with knowledge of the event.

“Our analysis of all collected evidence is ongoing. Public prosecutors, after fully establishing the facts in the case, will make their decision and immediately inform the public about it,” the PPO said.

In October 2021, hundreds of protesters in Tetovo took to the streets to demand that officials take responsibility for the tragedy.