Interior Minister Panche Toshkovski and additional Deputy Minister of Interior Mitko Bojmacaliev convened a working session on Tuesday with the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia, Gregor Presker. During the meeting, they expressed appreciation for the fruitful collaboration with the Embassy and the Slovenian Interior Ministry, particularly in dealing with the migrant crisis. The Ministry, in a press release, acknowledged the support received during this challenging period.

The Ministry further conveyed Minister Toshkovski’s optimism about the continuation of this positive collaboration in the future. Minister Toshkovski provided Ambassador Presker with a brief overview of the Ministry of Interior’s role in the caretaker Government, emphasizing its significant responsibilities in organizing upcoming elections and ensuring fair and democratic processes. He highlighted measures taken to streamline the issuance of personal documents, aiming to provide citizens with a dignified experience while respecting human rights, especially concerning free movement.

According to the press release, Ambassador Presker underscored the support extended by the Slovenian Interior Ministry, both bilaterally and within Frontex, particularly in addressing the migrant crisis. He also acknowledged assistance provided to the Ministry’s aviation units.

Expressing gratitude for the collaboration with the Republic of Slovenia, Additional Deputy Minister Bojmacaliev conveyed hopes for further strengthening this cooperative relationship.