So far, we have not received any reports from police officers that someone threatened them and forced them out, nor any reports from citizens, although there have been calls to the police station for misconduct by the police officers who were at the station, said today the Minister of the Interior, Oliver Spasovski, responding to a journalist’s question regarding the media reports that late last night “a police patrol was forced out from Aracinovo by an armed group”.


The crime police department and internal control, as he informed, are working today and will use official material to clear up all these matters so that they can inform.

They overemphasize that it was with a weapon, but let’s see what happened. First let’s see what the case is, so we know what exactly happened, then we can talk about everything else, said Spasovski, adding that they need to establish the facts to see what happened.

He reiterated that so far there is no official material indicating that there was such an attack, or even a verbal one, against police officers.