Nikola Gruevski to be given the highest sentence, and for the defendant Saso Mijalkov the sentence to be higher than expected, public prosecutor Lile Stefanova asked the court at today’s closing arguments in the “Vodno Plots” case.

She also demanded the confiscation of his apartments, including the three apartments in Panorama, owned by the company “SS Investment”. For Stefanova, the testimony of the defendant Risto Novacevski was extremely important, so he proposed a suspended sentence for him. For the defendants Nenad Josifovic and Jordan Kamcev, she asked for minimal sentences, and informed the court that she was withdrawing the indictment for Ratka Kamceva.

Nikola Gruevski, as prime minister, used his position illegally to acquire property. In his statement, Saso Mijalkov denied that he had taken the actions he is accused of. During the search of his vehicle, agreements concluded with the company “SS Investment” for the apartments in Panorama were found, said prosecutor Stefanova.

After this, Nikola Gruevski also reacted on Facebook. He believes that it was difficult to assume that prosecutor Lile Stefanova in her closing arguments today will ask the court for a maximum sentence for him, and a minimum for Jordan Kamcev and a suspended sentence for Risto Novacevski.