The companies “Sara Engineering”, “Sara Javor” and “Dravas”, the most famous companies that are associated with the family name Zaev, have a debt of over 1 million euros in taxes, a debt to the state. According to the March list of debtors, the “Dravas” company has a debt of over 43,230,000 denars, “Sara Engineering” has a debt of over 19,104,000 denars, “Sara Javor” of about 2,190,000 denars. The three companies have a total debt of over 64,500,000 denars. Over one million euros debt to the state! The companies related to Zaev family are regularly on PRO’s list of debtors, the spokesman of VMRO DPMNE Naum Stoilkovski said on Thursday.

SDSM pushes the country from crisis to crisis, There is no money for subsidies, no money for help, even the help they gave to the traders is demanded back, but companies that are associated with the Zaev family companies – can owe tax. In a time of severe crises for which the responsibility of SDSM will be further investigated, in a time of ruthless rigorous restrictive measures towards the citizens, the companies related to the the members of the family owe over a million euros in taxes!, Stoilkovski said.

Macedonia cannot stand a single day of more such behavior, citizens can no longer be divided into privileged and second-class citizens. Early elections are cheaper than any one day spent with SDSM in power, he added.