We live in a difficult time. Macedonia has less and less. The people lost control over their own country. Institutions no longer serve the people. We are waiting for passports, identity cards, for documents that are due to the people. This problem was left to VMRO-DPMNE and Toshkovski to solve, while in every other sphere there is an equal setback, says Hristijan Mickoski, president of VMRO-DPMNE, at today’s rally in Kumanovo within the framework of the presidential campaign.

Mickoski emphasized that in every segment the situation is catastrophic.

In healthcare, doctors and medical staff are protesting. If you want any health service you will either have to pay or ask for links. If this is not the case, you will have to wait in corridors, they will bother you with procedures, until you give up. The standard of living is below every level. Salaries are not even enough for half a month. Costs are rising and wages are not growing enough. On the other hand, the more the people impoverish, the richer the ruling cliques become. Crime is booming. Corruption everywhere, justice nowhere, he said.

Mickoski pointed out that the public prosecutor’s office and the judiciary are under the control of the SDSM and DUI tandem, as well as that the Grubi company from DUI are the masters of Macedonia.

Whatever they asked for, they did not get one hundred percent, but double – 200 percent. And that’s why DUI is nervous now, because they know after these elections they will neither have power, nor will they have scoundrels like SDS. The state is burdened with ignorance and incompetence. Have you heard if Kovacevski ever said a bad word about DUI? Have you heard Pendarovski say a criticism or a condemnation of some kind of DUI crime? There is no such thing. Because he knows that if they tell the truth about DUI, there will be no government, no support in the second round of elections for Stevo…. that’s how expensive Macedonia is for them. How much for one REC tender or hired subcontractor for the highways that Bechtel and Enka were supposed to build. This is how much their patriotism for the motherland costs them. They sell themselves for the pittance that Artan Grubi gives them and play with everyone’s fate. It must be put to an end.

Mickoski emphasized that these are elections when the people must take over the state and return control to their hands.

That is why this is an election when the people must take over the state and take control back into their hands. These are also elections that will send citizens a message that people come first. Choices in which each one of you has to decide for yourself, for your loved ones, for your family. That change depends on your decision in the election. Macedonia belongs much more to the people than to Ali, Grubi and Kovacevski. Such a defeat awaits them that their ears will ring from the slap that the people will deliver to them first on April 24 and then on May 5, Mickoski said.