If the constitutional amendments do not pass and we do not become a member of the EU, we should consider a new Constitution, the leader of the political party Alliance for Albanians Arben Taravari said yesterday. As the elections approach, the coalition partner in power is increasingly intensifying the nationalist rhetoric. The man who was an example of coexistence and multi-ethnicity and whom Macedonians looked upon with sympathy became more radical even than DUI.

Taravari did not like the current composition of the Parliament, where the Albanians are represented by thirty MPs, they have Baditer and the Balancer mechanism.

Now Aliasa’s leader is demanding a bicameral Parliament. He even explained how he imagined it.

I believe that one house should be made up of representatives of the local government, such as the mayors of thirty more developed municipalities, and in the other there would be representatives of people elected by the people, MPs.