In a recent poll, the judiciary enjoyed the trust of only eight percent of citizens. Today’s developments in the court system are proof of why trust is so low.

Vesna Dameva, a former expert associate at the Criminal Court and a former member of the legal commission of SDSM, was elected as the president of the Judicial Council as the only candidate.

Her election follows after a few days ago Pavlina Crvenkovska also resigned from the position of president of the Judicial Council and complained about the pressures she suffered.

Dameva is a former member of SDSM’s legal commission. The newly elected president of the Judicial Council, Vesna Dameva, believes that the photo in which she is with the ex-leader of SDSM, Zoran Zaev, cannot be a label that she is a member of a political party. She indicated that she had never been a member of a political party.

We are sympathizers, we are supporters. I don’t see anything controversial.

And for the day to be complete, the member of the Judicial Council of the Republic of Macedonia, Zoran Gerasimoski, submitted his irrevocable resignation from the position of acting director of the Academy for judges and public prosecutors.