After President Stevo Pendarovski called on the Government to declare Bulgarian nationalist Angel Dzhambazhki as persona non grata in Macedonia, it is up to the Foreign Ministry to decide whether they will take the step. The Bulgarian member of the European Parliament, best known for making the Nazi salute in the EP hall, recently declared that “Macedonia is Bulgarian land” during his rally in Skopje, and Pendarovski fears a repeat of the the provocations and violent incidents during the honoring of Goce Delcev on February 4th.

Republika asked the Foreign Ministry if they intend to make a decision on this request, but there is still no respone from Minister Osmani’s office.

Osmani blamed the beating of a Bulgarian activist in Ohrid last week on the provocations Bulgarian nationalists made in Skopje. But he also remained silent during his visit to the hospital where the activist is treated in Sofia, where Bulgarian acting Foreign Minister Milkov accused Macedonia of going “to the days of murders and violence” against Bulgarians. President Pendarovski told Milkov to come and visit the site of the Bulgarian army’s massacre of Macedonians in Vatasha in 1943 instead.