VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski considers the Special Prosecutor’s Office led by Katica Janeva a finished story, after the institution initiated charges exclusively against opposition officials, and now faces being turned into a regular branch of state prosecutors but without the ability to abuse illegally wiretapped phone conversations as evidence.

I can definitely say that not only the SPO didn’t meet the high expectations that followed its founding, but it complete disappointed the trust of the people. This is clearly visible in the polls which show that the public thinks of the SPO and that it is considered to be a political tool, Mickoski said in an interview with Alfa TV.

Mickoski recently said that, during a meeting with Janeva, she tried to blackmail him and demanded VMRO’s support to have her office turned permanent, and promised that in return she would raise her order freezing the opposition party’s property.

She failed to persuade me in her competence as a person and as a legal expert, and she lowered her opportunity to be a protector of law and justice in a very dubious manner. She presented herself in a very poor light and she doesn’t deserve my trust or the trust of my team, Mickoski said.