The Macedonian parliament on Friday is scheduled to hold a plenary session with only one item on the agenda: voting on the need to open the Constitution. In a statement given to Republika, sources from VMRO-DPMNE say that it is more than clear that the ruling parties don’t have the necessary majority to take the first step in the very complex procedure.

When Speaker Tala Xhaferi opens the session, the first step is voting on the daily agenda that needs the votes of 61 MPs – which the ruling coalition certainly has. All MPs from VMRO-DPMNE, Levitsa, and MP Pavle Trajanov will vote against it, which will be the first indicator that the ruling coalition is far from controlling 80 MPs.

That the debate begins, in which all MPs will take part, and that can last for days, but no more than 10 days. Upon the expiration of the ten days – which do not have to be consecutive – the Speaker may,  but does not have to, call for a final vote on the need to open the Constitution. The Speaker may delay the voting indefinitely or until the end of this parliamentary assembly’s mandate.