VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski announced that the party will determine its next steps in the political blockade tomorrow. The opposition party is currently blocking almost all legislation, as it demands early general elections.

Tomorrow the Executive Committee of the party will meet and it is possible that we determine new, tougher steps that will force the Government to compromise, Nikoloski said during his Sitel TV interview.

The conservative party official said that the blockade already helped prevent a very harmful piece of legislation, with which the DUI party attempts to create a second state lottery that would be under its control. “The country already has a gambling problem, so why would we add to it”, Nikoloski said.

When asked what would those “tougher” steps include, Nikoloski replied – everything that is permissible in a democracy.

The Prime Minister agrees that Macedonia is in a serious crisis and this supports our call to take steps that would be in the interest of the state. The elections won’t solve anything by themselves, not unless we start working immediately, in the area of finance, and on the problem with Bulgaria, where we will have experts involved, Nikoloski said.