SDSM member of Parliament and former Colored Revolution leader Pavle Bogoevski announced his intention to resign today, a week after a secretly made recording revealed his purchasing drugs from his dealer.

Bogoevski denied that he was purchasing cocaine, which was the immediate presumption based on the price he was discussing. He insists that he was buying cannabis oil for a sick family member, an explanation which gained little traction with the public.

Colleagues, we should all remain faithful to our principles. I know that politics is a dirty game, Bogoevski said while explaining his decision to resign.

He was an LGBT activist recruited by SDSM to become one of the most prominent faces in their Colored Revolution. After SDSM took over the Government, ironically for him by using secretly recorded phone conversations, Bogoevski turned into one of the main proponents of arrests of opposition members of Parliament. The Committee he chairs revoked the immunity of seven opposition members of Parliament, exposing them to arrests and allowing the blackmail Zoran Zaev’s regime put in place to pressure several of them to vote to rename Macedonia into “North Macedonia”. Bogoevski insisted to remain in the Committee for today’s session in order to vote to revoke the mandate of former Prime Minister and VMRO leader Nikola Gruevski.

State prosecutors made it clear they have no intention of investigating Bogoevski’s drug purchase, after Zaev said that it is a “personal matter”. Bogoevski demanded that the person who recorded him, most likely a taxi driver, is prosecuted instead.