Levica is a party by the people, for the people. I understand all the issues facing my fellow citizens. We are dedicated to ending the country’s status as a colony, freeing it from the grip of local oligarchs who hold everyone hostage. It’s time to breathe freely and take control of our own destiny,” stated presidential candidate Biljana Vankovska in Negotino on Tuesday.

Vankovska expressed concern that Macedonians already feel like second-class citizens in their own country.

“The solutions outlined in my program are straightforward and undeniable. We will terminate the three agreements that burden us. My message is that the European Union is no longer a fairytale. It has become militarized and is unfortunately investing its resources in war. It’s time to reclaim our dignity,” Vankovska emphasized.

Sashko Janchev, the top candidate in the fourth electoral district list, remarked that Macedonia is at a critical juncture where its fate is being determined. He added that the prolonged sale of the country is reaching its climax.