The election of Vesna Dameva as president of the Judicial Council only confirmed the suspicions about the deeply partisan judiciary in Macedonia.

Just when we thought that after the election of Islam Abazi, the government would not afford another scandal the “Dameva” case happened. She was elected unopposed in the place of Pavlina Crvenkovska, who complained of pressure.

What to say about Dameva? As Abazi had photos with DUI, she proudly poses with Zaev and company.

And instead of apologizing, she says that the photo with the former prime minister says that it cannot give the impression that she is part of the people present in that photo.

That photo cannot give the impression that I am part of the people present in the photo, said Dameva.

Three years ago, one of the biggest experts on the developments in the judiciary revealed who Dameva is, journalist Sase Dimovski. In 2019, he said on the “Zaspij ako mozes” show that Vesna Dameva from the Basic Court was appointed as a member of the Judicial Council on the proposal of President Stevo Pendarovski.

Even more scandalous is the second proposal, for an expert associate from the Basic Court Skopje 1 to become a member of the Judicial Council. It is the body that should evaluate judges from the Basic Court to the Supreme Court. An expert associate, let her be the greatest expert in this world, who has not put on a toga, who has not entered a courtroom, who has not passed a single judgment, should asses the judges in the Basic, Appellate and Supreme Courts. Tell me in which branch a paralegal should be the head of primaries, of doctors, of I don’t know what, of the highest titles, Dimovski pointed out three years ago.