Veton Grubi buys and Artan Grubi pays. This is how the relationship in the Grubi family looks, and this is best seen after the purchase of the store on Macedonia Street by Veton Grubi and the charging for tourist services by the state institutions managed by Artan Grubi.

Or mathematically it would look like this: Veton Grubi buys for 6 million denars, and receives one million denars from the state or directly from his brother. Practically, 1/6 of what Veton Grubi gave was collected from Artan Grubi, Marija Miteva from VMRO-DPMNE accused today.

These are open doubts for which the institutions should react immediately, especially because this directly contradicts the legal provisions of the Law on Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interest. If the institutions do not know which article they should act on, we will point it out to them. Namely, in art. 72 paragraph 1 of the Law states that the official during the performance of the position is obliged to pay attention to a potential conflict of interests, as well as to take measures to avoid it. If we go into more detail, in the Law of the same name there is a provision with which Artan Grubi should inform about a potential conflict of interest. But that is mission impossible with this government. On the contrary, they do not fight against corruption but are creators of it.

Veton Grubi, as the owner of the company ETC TRAVEL DOOEL Skopje, charged tourist services worth 1 million denars from state institutions as many as 8 times. The question arises whether the goal was to reach a collection of one million denars, or was the goal for Artan Grubi’s brother to get state money at any cost? The arrogance goes to the point where the Government, whose second man is Artan Grubi, transfers money to ETC Travel owned by Veton Grubi three months in a row in 2020 or on two occasions in a time distance of only 5 days in 2021. It seems important to have a few transactions each year towards Veton Grubi’s ETC Travel.