VMRO-DPMNE called on Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani to address a number of scandals involving his DUI party, which VMRO says block Macedonia’s EU integration.

We ask Bujar Osmani to grab a chalkboard again and write answers to the following: which EU cluster covers the negotiations with the village of Slupcane about who will pay the electricity they are spending? Which EU cluster involves needing to send police units to help read the meters in a village? Which EU cluster covers the case of young entrepreneur Drin Ahmeti, who got half of the Soravia office building without paying a dime? Which cluster includes the appointment of Abazi as prosecutor, while his wife is hired in a state institution and Ali Ahmeti is pictured sitting above him? Which cluster covers the purchase of a hotel, office space in Skopje and the Audi vehicle for Artan Grubi?, VMRO spokesman naum Stoilkovski said.